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For any questions, please post here or send email to, so that we can response your problem. (We are welcome the user post their reviews or ranking in iTune however we cannot reply their question in iTune under Apple policy)


  1. Refer to the review at iTune, "Savvkin - Version 1.2 - Apr 23, 2012, Can't load 2Gb rmaps.sqlite file, keep "Analyze map tiles" forever spinning."

    The reason is that RMaps map tiles files is not originally design for non-continuous zoom-level function and zMap need convert some zoom-level information which is quite resources-consuming and may cause suspend or crash for the app.

    Currently solution is process the map tiles on the computer first before import into zMap. Please read Tutorial 07 - Read large Map Tiles File for details.

  2. an ipod user6/23/2012

    Why don't you support iPod Touch?

    1. Actually, we are working on the supporting for iPod and iPad without GPS model and waiting the approval from Apple. Hope it will be solved as soon as possible.

      The GPS function will be disabled on these models but the other function will work correctly.

      Thank you for your suggestions and welcome for any further comments.

    2. Dear an iPod User,

      The new version 2.1 will be compatible with iPod. Please let's know any further comments. Thanks