zMap v2.6 Release Notes

New Featues:[New version is available in App Store!]
  • Online map for Retina display  
  • Add Nokia Map source   
  • GPX file import  
  • GPS track record and save as GPX file (In-App Purchase)  
  • GPS Share - Sender  
  • GPS Share - Receiver (In-App Purchase)
  • Map rotation enable/disable
  • Exclude for iTunes backup (iOS5.1 and later)
  • Show location bookmarks in folder (not include subfolders) 
  • Bug fix to App crash when second map analyze



zMap provides online and offline map for navigation. There are multiple map sources (Google maps, OpenStreetMap and MapQuest) in online mode and always on cache. You can search for location and route in different transparent modes (driving, public transit, walking and bicycling) and store the result into bookmark then read at offline case.

In offline mode, it supports versatile map tiles formats (MBTiles, Galileo, xGPS, RMaps, Big Planet & Osmand) and import location and direction data by Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and GPS exchange format (GPX). Now you can use iPhone, iPod or iPad for the offline map navigation with GPS during travel or place without Internet coverage.

For more detailed information, please visit our website with multi-languages, which is provided by online translation services

zMap Lite

Demo Video


· zMap supports the GMDL ( and MOBAC ( map tiles data (MBTiles, Galileo, xGPS, RMaps, Big Planet & Osmand) format. Both GMDL & MOBAC are free applications and available to receive data from Web Maps Services.

·      Online Map with multi-language and offline cache

·    It also supports KML file import for the location and directions data. (The app supports the placemark element for KML format, v2.2) therefore the user can view the location and direction data. (Only self-contained information inside KML file will be available at off-line environment)

·      Importing map, location and direction file or data via Apple iTune File Sharing or other App (web browser, email,…) is available

·      Online location search and bookmark saving function.

·    Online direction search with different mode (Driving, Driving – Avoid Tolls, Driving – Avoid Highways, Public Transit, Walking and Bicycling)

·      Add Placemark Pin by touch

·      Enable/Disable Auto Screen Lock

·    Advanced Bookmark system to manage KML files so user can explore the location and direction data more flexible.

·      GPS & Compass function for iPhone and iPad to locate your current location and direction with map data.

·      User-friendly interface for map display and interactive with your finger gesture for zoom in/out, move, rotate and support UTF8 file for multi-language display.

·      Support iPad full screen mode (not only x2 mode).

·    Flexible zoom-level function for offline map tiles, zMap allow user to skip unnecessary zoom level data by using previous existing map tiles data and keep display in appropriate scale therefore user can prepare the map tiles data flexibly and reduce the data size.

·    Sample Maps are available for download. (Beijing, London, New York, Tokyo, Washington DC....) at

Limited features for Lite Edition:

·    Advertisement is included
·   Offline Map only allow for file size less than 50MB
·    Bookmark save is not available
·     Online Map tiles limitation 300 request per day


·      iPhone or iPad with iOS 5.0 or later
·      GPS & Compass function only applicable for iOS device with GPS & digital compass
·      Online search and map function require Internet connection.

Remarks & Tips:
  • Any external images, materials or resources linked by KML file or content in bookmark may not be available at off-line case or data download may be carried out.  For uncertain situation, turn off your Internet connection to avoid it.
  • Before using large RMaps file (500MB-3GB), database optimization at computer is required please refer to online manual for details
  • Location & Direction Search may not cover some areas or regions
  • Read-only for KML and GPX file  GPS track may less accuracy in background mode
  • GPS Share should keep in foreground
*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
For more detailed information, please visit our website

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