Tutorial 05 - Download map tiles and export (v2.9)

You can download map tiles at zMap and export as map files. To download to map and export to file, go to the online map page, the press the "Download" button

Remarks: Maps file may not backwards compatible with old zMap, please open it at zMap v2.8 and later

The selection grids will show on the map.

If you want to have smaller grid for the selection, go to Setting>Map>Download Zoom Level and select Next Level

Remarks:The next zoom level download will start download tiles from next zoom level (not the current level) so the map will not exactly same as the map you currently saw.

Press the start tiles until the tiles show in red (around 2-3 seconds) then move the end tiles and release your finger.

After the selection, the download option page will be shown. You can change the map file name, map source, map language.

You will see two map sources from Google.  Google (HD) is high definition image from Google Maps which specify for Retina display in iOS devices.

If you want to keep the download map tiles in cache by select "Keep in Cache". Press "Start Download" button to launch the download.

You can select different download zoom level. (The upper zoom level must included so you can unselected it). You can skip some unnecessary zoom levels to reduce map file size.

There is a limitation for the number of map tiles download in different version of zMap, the download will be prohibited if your selection is exceeds these limitation). This limitation will be removed after you purchase the "Map Download Pro" at In-App Purchase

You may see the Auto screen lock" dialogue to let you disable the auto screen lock which prevent you iOS device go to sleep.

The download task will show in the Main page

Press the download task, you can pause or remove the current download

If the task already in pause status (e.g. App is exit preivously but the download task is not completed), you can select the resume to continuous previous download task.

If there is any error for the download, the error dialogue will show, please make sure your iOS is connected to internet. If you press the "Skip All" button, the download task will skip current and further error map tiles and this error dialogue will not be shown anymore!

 zMap only allow 1 download task and you are only allow to create new download after the previous download finish.

After the download finish. The new map file will be changed as offlin map file and press this map to show the map.

The file optimized dialogue will show at the first analysis, all download map in zMap is already optimized so press "OK" to continuous the map analysis.

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