Tutorial 04 - Create location and direction file (KML format) (v1.1 or later)

Create Bookmark File (KML format) for location and direction.
Currently you can create and export the KML file at Google Map ( or Microsoft Bing Maps services ( however the Bing Maps service is not available to save direction data. (For these services, Google or Windows Live Account is required)

This document will demonstrate the procedure for export KML file at Google Maps services.

1. Create places list at Google Maps
Start Web Browser on the computer and visit Google Maps website,, then use your Google Account to login Google Maps services.
In Google Map, go to “My places” view then press “CREATE MAP” button to create new places list.

Enter the name of the places list and select “Public” or “Unlisted” whatever you want then press “Save” and “Done” button.

Now, the new places list is created.

2. Create location data
To create the location, enter the location you want to search and the result will show at the map view then click on the result and press “Save to map” control. Select your places list and click on the “Save” button.  Message dialogue will pops-up for successfully.

3. Create direction data
To create direction, select “Get direction” view and enter the start address in text field “A” and end address in text field “B”. You can select the travel mode by click the Travel mode button (“Public transit mode” isn’t available for save). Press the “GET DIRECTION” button, the direction result will be shown.

Scroll down at left pane if necessary, Press “Save to My Maps” button

Select the places list and press “Save” button.

4. Export places list data to KML file
To exports the location and direction data to KML file. Go to “My places” then select your places list.

Check the location and direction data is correct (Sometimes you may need to wait) then click the “KML” to export the KML file.

The save dialogue will be shown. Select the store location at your computer and save it.

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