Tutorial 01 - Online Support & Quick Guide (v2.0)

To use the online support, click the “Settings” button, which located right bottom position at Main view, click the item under “Online Support”.


When you click “About”, the websites will be shown. For non-English user,  you can press “Select Language” button to translate the websites to other languages



The web translation may take a while to complete.


By select different Online Support at “Settings” pages, you will visit related pages


There are some sample maps for download, please click the “Samples Download” button. Please read Tutorial 6 for details.


For any questions, please visit “User Support” and write your questions here.

Beside the sample files, you may want to custom your own maps and kml files. The following guide will show you simple idea and please refer to related tutorial for details.

1.     Download and install zMap from Apple iTune app store.

2.     Prepare map tiles data by GMDL (Global Map Download Tool) or MOBAC (Mobile Atlas Creator) on the computer then export to map file (MBTiles, Galileo, RMaps, Big Planet & Osmand formats).  [Tutorial 5]

·      GMDL available on Microsoft Windows platform please visit for details.

·      MOBAC available for platforms which support Java Runtime Environment that includes Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, visit for details.

3.     Create your place list at Google Maps or Microsoft Bing Maps on the computer and export to KML format file. [Tutorial 4]

4.     Rename the map tiles but keep same file extension and KML files. (For example, ata.mbtiles to Sample.mbtiles and change the corresponded KML file to Sample.kml).  For version 1.1, user can explores different KML files so KML file rename is not nesscary. .

5.     Import map, location and direction files: [Tutorial 6,7]

a.     Via iTune File Sharing
                                               i.     C Connect your iOS device to the computer and start Apple iTune. (Make sure zMap is closed).
                                              ii.     At iTune File Sharing, “DEVICE>Apps>File Sharing” screen, add the map and KML files.
                                            iii.     Close iTune and disconnect your iOS device then start zMap app.
b.     Via other external app (web browser)
                                               i.     Download the file at web browser (e.g.  Apple Safari)
                                              ii.     Press “open in zMap” button.
                                            iii.     zMap will startup automatically

6.     The new map tiles file will show at the “Main” screen then click on the Map. Now you can view the map anytime and anywhere with your iOS device. [Tutorial 1,2,3]

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