Tutorial 05a - Create Map by MOBAC

Create Map Data file by Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) on your computer

Mobile Atlas Creator (formerly known as TrekBuddy Atlas Creator),,  is an open source (GPL) program which creates offline atlases for GPS handhelds and cell phone applications

Mobile Atlas Creator is written in Java and runs therefore on a large number of platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,... As a Java program Mobile Atlas Creator requires Java Runtime Environment Version 6 Update 14 (v1.6.0_14) or higher installed on your computer. Additionally a high-speed internet connection is required as long as Mobile Atlas Creator is running.

Download and unzip the “Mobile Atlas” file.


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.6.0_14 is required to run the MOBAC, the warning message will be shown if your computer isn’t install suitable JRE or you can visit “” to install latest java runtime environment.


For Microsoft Windows User, click “Mobile Atlas Creator.exe” to start the application.

For Mac User, click  “Mobile Atlas Creator.jar” to start the application.


If  “low memory” warning pop-up, you can adjust the java VM setting in java preference or you can download the “” file here


Unzip and put the file into same folder then open it with Terminal. If you doesn’t see the “Terminal” application, choose “Other...” and select “Application> Utilities> Terminal”

Remarks: The terminal program run in background. Do not close or quit the terminal program until all your works on MOBAC completed.

When the MOBAC startup, choose the export format. (zMap is available for Big Plaent Tracks SQLite, Galileo Offline Maps, MBTiles SQLite, xGPS, OSMAND SQLite or RMaps SQLite.


You should see the MOBAC view now.


Choose the Map source. (For latest version of MOBAC, Google Map source is not included anymore at latest version but MOBAC allow adding custom map source. For details please visit MOBAC forum


Zoom and Move the Map then select the area you want it download.


Select the “Zoom Level”, you can skip some unnecessary levels to reduce file size and download time.  zMap will available to use previous level data and display it in properly scale. Press “Add Selection” to confirm the download area.


By click the “Setting” button to adjust the Map Data in more details.


Press “Create altas” to start download.


After the download completed, press “Open Atlas Folder” to open the Map data file


Now, you can import this file into zMap

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