Tutorial 08a - GPS Tracking (v2.6 and later)

The GPS Tracking record functions, which record your GPS location and save into GPX file. Moreover you can access these files via iTunes folder sharing.

 This function is only valid for in-app purchase for zMap. For zMap without purchase the GPS tracking function or zMap lite, you can try it for 3 minutes per day.

Go to “In-App Purchase” page and press the blue price button for buy this function. (If you already brought the function but re-install the zMap or install zMap on other device, press “Restore” button it restore the previous purchase from iTunes store)


Go to the Map and press “Record” button to start the GPS tracking and the indication box will be shown the latest recorded information.


Press “Stop” button to stop the tracking.

Remarks: During the recording, you can switch zMap into background task but GPS signal may be less accuracy.
After the tracking stop, the GPX file will be generate and you will see the new GPX file at the Bookmarks.


Remarks: If the record data is large than 1MB, the track data will be stored into separate GPX files

If there is a file with same name, the rename dialogue will be shown.


Remarks: If you terminate zMap during the tracking, the GPX file will be generated at next zMap startup.

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