Tutorial 06a - Import file via Wifi

From version 2.8, you can import the map and bookmark file via Wifi network. To start the Wifi connect, press "Wifi" button at the left bottom in Main page.

You will see the Wifi page which show the IP address at the pag. The notification may pop-up to reminds you to disable auto-screen lock.

Please keep Wifi page and run zMap at foreground during the connection
The file is limited at 50MB for Lite version

Open any web browser at your desktop computer and go to the IP address which show in Wifi page (e.g

The successful connection will show like below.

Choose the import file then press "Submit" button to start the transmission

The transmission progress will show in the Wifi page

After the transmit completed, the status also show at web browser page.

To stop the Wifi connection, just exit the Wifi page and he new map file will show in Main page.

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