Tutorial 08b - Audio Mapping (Record audio and bookmark

You can  record the audio (WAV) with bookmark (GPX) by zMap on any iOS 6 devices. These output files can be used in JOSM "Java OpenStreetMap Editor"software for further editor.

There are two ways to start the recording. You can press the "Record" button and select "Start Boomark + Audio" or you can press "Play/Stop" button at your headset if the Headset control setting is enabled in Setting page.

You can disable the Headset Control at Setting>Headset Control

The recording dialogue will show at the top of the page. The GPS status will show at the left side. For different version of zMap, there is limit on the recording time. (zMap lite is 10 seconds, zMap is 20 seconds and zMap + GPS Tracking is 30 seconds)

To stop the recording, just press the recording dialogue or press the "Play/Stop" button at headset. The audio file will be played automatically. To stop the audio playing, press the recording dialogue or press "Play/Stop button at headset.

If there is no or inaccuracy GPS signal recieved, the warning will be shown to notify you. Please  check your GPS hardware and record it again. (Audio file will still be stored but the GPX file may not created or accuracy enough!)

The new GPX file will be created and you will be the audio link in the "Website" field press it and select "Open" the play the audio.

Also, you will see and play the audio file at the Main page.

After the audio recording, you can upload the GPX and WAV file to your desktop computer via iTunes Share folder and import to JOSM software

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